Fine Art Photography by Roger Bennett

Welcome to my website!

On this website I have both black and white portfolios, arranged by location, mostly from US national parks, as well as more recently taken color portfolios.

I consider myself first and foremost a black and white traditional landscape photographer. My black and white images were mostly taken with a 4x5 Wista view camera. More recent images were taken with high resolution, full frame digital cameras.

Since I have worked with digital cameras I have also made color images. The color portfolios include traditional landscapes, duotone images, as well as digitally created and impressionistic-looking color images. Most color images were taken with high resolution, full frame digital cameras.

The first of the non-traditional color portfolios I call "Florascapes". These images are derived from photographs of flowers, but digitally morphed into images I see as landscapes. I use Photoshop and a lot of imagination to create these images.

The second type of non-traditional color portfolios contains images in a "Photo-Impressionistic" style.  Some say they look like watercolor paintings, others think they look more like pen-and-ink drawings. The digital process I use allows for more creativity then a straight photographic reproduction would.

I have added a new black & white portfolio to the website called: Alaska Portfolio. These photographs were taken in May-June of 2016, in and around Denali National Park and along the Alaska coast - Glacier Bay National Park and the Inside Pasage.

Please check it out!

All the images you find here are available for sale, although not all images are available in all sizes. Use the Purchase a Photograph button to see current pricing. Please contact me using the Contact the Artist button if you would like to make a purchase.

All images and text on this website are copyrighted by Roger Bennett and may not be reproduced or reprinted for any use without express written consent of Roger Bennett.